ILDAM Shaken Incubator

Provides excellent incubation conditions in the products left in the shaker via PID microprocessor control system and homogeneous air circulation. It can be used in medicine and veterinary fields, in all biology and microbiology laboratories; in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food industry and bio- technology research and quality control laboratories.Precise, constant and homogeneous temperatures are achieved via the heating system controlled by the PID microprocessor control system and the strong insulation. • Easy to use control panel with temperature and timer displays. • Delayed heating start/stop position is available on the control panel. • The actual interior temperature of the device can be read from the digital display. The interior cell is made of stainless and easy to clean steel. • The device is protected via a current safety fuse and the interior of the cell can be observed through the glass cover. • Adjustable ventilation shutter provides clean air inlet.
ILDAM Shaken Incubator
  • ILDAM Shaken Incubator


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