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We as Novagent manufacture and supply laboratory projects, veterinary products, veterinary hospital, pet product, Orthopedic and trauma implants. the following products can be quoted; Fume cupboards, safety cabinets, laboratory furnitures, laboratory equipments, acid cabinets, base cabinets, chemical storage cabinets, hazardous substance cabinets, tall cupboards, top-mounted cupboards, wall mounted cupboards, worktops, service walls, service columns, workbenches, chairs, sinks, draining racks, soap dispensers, towel dispensers, eye showers, extraction arms, laboratory layout, fume cupboard, Glove Boxes, Laminair cabinets, Latex Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Gloves, Trespa, filter,fume hood, hood, safety cabinet, chemical cabinet, desicator cabinet,, Bone plate, Veterinery, Titanium implant, Bone screw, animal orthopedic implant, veterinary furniture, cleanroom, veterinary implant, vet product,
TEKPA has been successful in the field of laboratory equipment for grains, flour and cereal since the 1990's and has worked very hard to advance and manufacture laboratory and quality control devices used in the production of food products with the focus on utilization of technological developments to preserve natural and nutritional qualities of wheat grains. Through its knowledge and experience acquired over the years, TEKPA has applied innovative ideas to its products, which improved the functionality and use of many of its instruments and devices, so as to lower costs and improve productivity. All of our products are manufactured in accordance to the ICC norms and standards. We are offering you reliable, high quality products for reasonable prices. We take pride in our work and are dedicated to our clients. Our efforts and hard work helped us to achieve becoming one of Turkey's leading companies in this field, having more then 2500 local customers and exporting to over 35 countries, worldwide. TEKPA lays great importance on its customers and is aware of the fact that customer satisfaction is fundamental for sustainable business development. That is why TEKPA has dedicated its team for supporting customers before, during and after sales. In addition, TEKPA provides training and maintenance services to all its customers, locally and internationally. Seeing the lack of service available in Turkey, this field, we have rapidly progressed and strengthened our performance enabling us to provide a competent service to its customers throughout Turkey. We are now proud to have earned an excellent reputation locally and globally. Our high quality products and competitive prices have attracted worldwide interest and encouraged buyers to prefer our brands. We are pleased and honored to be able to contribute to developments in this sector in Turkey and worldwide. Below are some of our products which we manufacture: Flour Testing Instrument Dough Testing Instrument Tubular wheat sample grinder / Prodigy2 Gluten washing instrument Gluten index instrument / Gluteks Gluten drier / glutork Automatic falling number test instruments / Falling Star2 Sedimentation test instrument Ash furnace NIR – NIT Analyzers Hectoliter Please do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information on our products and prices. Best wishes
Our firm Ildam A.S. was founded on the fundamental training Ali Ihsan Ildam received in 1937 from German Franz Wittig in Istanbul University and has beedn producing the following equipment under the “ILDAM” brand with 75+ years of experience: • General laboratory glass equipment • Volumetric laboratory glass equipment • Funnels, Chromatography columns glass filters • Laboratory glass devices and add-ons • Laboratory equipment and consumables Additionally we produce • Laboratory Devices (Domestic Product) • Laboratory Chemicals
Our company was found in 2001 in Ankara-Turkey and has been specialized in histopathology. Under our brand name MOSLAB, we have been manufacturing laboratory supplies for microbiology, biochemistry and infection. We are servicing our products in conjunction with international standarts and have been a constant supplier for most of the hospitals, laboratories and Ministry of Health in Turkey and exporting our products to several countries. MEDIKAL OLUSUM SANAYI VE TIC. LTD. STI. has proved his quality approach by deserving to take ISO 9001:2008 Certificate. As MOSLAB, our efforts and studies are always for advancing in our sector, reaching much better quality standarts and expanding our product range continuously to have the ability to provide every need in histopathology. Since we believe in our quality, our target is to see our products and our brand MOSLAB widely used in laboratories and in hospitals worldwide.
We, Kurullab, are one the of the bigggest suppliers of Medical Companies in Turkey, We basicly supply medical equipments, medical disposables, medical consumables, machines, laboratory equipments and more... We are looking forward hearing from you very soon.
Aktif Elektroteknik was established in 1981 manufacturing Medium Voltage Air Insulated (AIS) Switchgears, Mobile Substations, Package Substations, Kiosks and Neutral Grounding Resistors. In 2008 Company merged to Aktif Group as Aktif Elektroteknik and The Company became as an international company after significant participation of Italian Friem S.p.A in 2009. Since Aktif Guc Elemanlari was acquired by Aktif Group in 2018, Neutral Grounding Resistor are being manufactured in Sakarya, Aktif Guc Elemanlari Factroy. 5000 m2 factory of Aktif Elektroteknik is located in Ankara consisting of over 100 employees. Aktif Elektroteknik has been operating with its 35 years of manufacturing experience, modernized machinery line, ever increasing know-how, experienced Turkish and Italian R&D teams with high quality type tested and certified products from leading accredited European laboratories and the vision of new ideas in line with expectations and aspirations.
Nukleon was established in Ankara for the purpose of meeting requirements in laboratory products. Specialized for years in this industry, company offers wide range of quality products for its valuable customers. Adopting customer satisfaction as its primary principle, company operates in compliance with international standards. We will be glad to your reliable and regular supplier for your requirements. NUCLEON Laboratory Devices, established in 2008, is one of the fastest growing laboratory device manufacturers in our country today. It started its activities in a small workshop in 2008. Today, most of its production continues with domestic facilities and in a closed area of 2000 square meters. It employs 2 companies and 3 brands and approximately 20 personnel.
TPLAS is a company which is engaged in the production of laboratory consumable products in the health sector, with a particular focus on the production of urine and pathology sample containers. TPLAS has ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 Quality Certificates in accordance with Quality Standards. ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Certificate is a registered trademark of TPLAS. Our products which have all kinds of approval certificate by the Ministry of Health are produced in accordance with CE standards. Each product has an international barcode. Our sample containers are used in many sectors including public and state hospitals, private hospitals and laboratories.
Mikrotest will continue to represent our country successfully and proudly in this market with its product quality and diversity, modern, dynamic, innovative and young staff, customer satisfaction oriented service understanding.