Company Profile:
Mikrotest, which was established in 2007, is one of the leading companies that has registered its success in the sector with its experienced and young cadres who have made big works in a short time in the field of laboratory equipments production. Mikrotest is a pioneer of the industry with 2 companies and 20 employees affiliated to GROUP. Mikrotest has adopted principles such as machine park, high-capacity production facility, recurrent and demanded quality documents, important references, fair price policy, maximum customer satisfaction, experience, self-renewal, and human-focused service understanding. We present to our customers products we produce using advanced technology with internal and external marketing staff. Mikrotest is involved in the sale of laboratory equipments as well as laboratory consumables and chemical equipments. The product range appeals to all laboratories. Mikrotest, who has made important projects since the beginning of the activity, has been successful in import-export activities since 2007.

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Established Date: 2007  Tax Office: Ulus  Tax Number: 6210454850  Staff Count: 1-5  Export Specialist: Bünyamin ÇAM